Milwaukee, WI: Harley-Davidson Museum

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Harley-Davidson Museum may be heaven for Harley enthusiasts, but it’s also a fantastic attraction for kids.  This expansive museum (it’s 120,000 square feet covering three buildings on over 20 acres near downtown Milwaukee) is nearly brand-new and features all of the cutting-edge amenities that we’ve come to expect from modern museums.  It’s also home to an excellent restaurant and plenty of opportunities to be wowed by the rumble of real Harleys everywhere!

Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin via
The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
We recently visited the museum for the 2nd time, our first being 4 years ago just after the museum opened to the public.  Upon arriving, visitors are surrounded by the shear number of Harleys that are parked and travel through the museum.  Literally hundreds of Harleys are passing through or stopping by at any given moment, which really adds to the experience of visiting the museum.

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Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee County Zoo

The Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the finer zoos our family has visited!  Although it is one of our nations oldest and largest zoos, its been so meticulously maintained and supported that the zoo feels new and has every modern amenity one could imagine.  All the animal habitats are first-rate, the kids activities (zip line, ski lift, rope climbing, steam train) are enthralling, and the entire zoo experience is simply of of the best in the Midwest!

Wisconsin's Milwaukee County Zoo via
Entering the Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin

This zoo is one of the few that I would rank as superior to my hometown zoo, the Saint Louis Zoo, which was recently named the 4th best zoo in the world by Trip Advisor.  If fact, I’d say only Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo (which was ranked #1) is better. Continue reading

Milwaukee, WI: Brewers Baseball

Arguably the best stadium in MLB for watching the game, Miller Park is a modern visual masterpiece! Home to the Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park is one of baseball’s newer stadiums offering all of the amenities fans expect from the game experience, including a large children’s area. The most striking feature though is the retractable roof, which moves like a fan, as well as the stadium’s towering presence from miles away.  It’s truly an awe-inspiring facility!

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball at Miller Park via
Miller Park is visually stunning

Being from St. Louis I am often told how we are the best fans in baseball and every game is a sell-out; this often causes me to under estimate what to expect at other ballparks.  Surprisingly, I have twice now been pleasantly surprised by the experience at other ballparks, first Kansas City’s Kaufman Stadium (my vote for the best MLB park for kids) and now Brewers baseball at Miller Park (my vote for best all around ballpark)! Continue reading